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Earthquake Retrofitting and Foundation Repair in Los Angeles

By securely fastening the structure to the foundation and securely connecting the house components together, the chances of withstanding the next earthquake are greatly improved. Naturally, no one can accurately predict how your home will withstand the Big One, but it's reassuring to know that you've taken the best possible steps in seismic safety.

[Learn about: earthquake retrofitting]

The image above displays a couple resting safely on a retrofit foundation with our products:

Foundation Joint Anchor

  1. Cripple Wall Bracing
  2. Retrofit Anchor
  3. Foundation Bolting
  4. T-Strap Tie
  5. Framing Anchor
  6. Water Proofing Protection
  7. Crawl Space Protection
  8. Drainage Systems
  9. Foundation Replacement & repair
  10. House Leveling
  11. Caissons Work

Retrofitted homes are safer to live in, easier to sell and easier to insure. The Northridge earthquake showed us that retrofitted homes suffered far less structural damage than unprotected homes in the same neighborhood.

Your home is probably the single biggest investment you will make in your life. While insurance is available to help make necessary repairs after an earthquake, it will never replace the priceless treasures collected over the years -- the things that turn a house into something much more -- your home.

Strengthening your home to resist earthquakes and minimize earthquake damage is the best way to protect your investment.

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